Rainbow by Casa Nobel

Located in a quiet area, secluded from city traffic, the residential complex Rainbow by Casa Nobel is located on Nicolae Labiș Street at number 86 and is composed of 3 villa-type buildings with height regime GF + 2F + A and 3 buildings with height regime GF + 4F .

The residential complex will include new studio apartments, 2 rooms, 3 rooms, 3 rooms in the attic with spacious terraces totaling 276 apartments that will complete the new neighborhood.

Within the residential project will be arranged parking spaces, access road, green areas, common areas, private gardens for the ground floor apartments, post-transformer for the connection of the electrical installation, garbage collection ramps, pedestrian alleys.

The buildings will have a reinforced concrete resistance structure, interior and exterior masonry made of hollow ceramic brick. They will be thermally insulated with 10 cm basalt wool, and the Salamander PVC joinery with 7 rooms and 3 sheets of glass will ensure a good thermal and acoustic comfort.

The apartments can be purchased directly from the developer through different payment methods: Integral, Through Installments, Prima Casă loan or Mortgage loan.

For good functionality, each staircase is equipped with a Schindler elevator, and the utility metering is done separately for each apartment (the meters being located in specially designed spaces on each level).

The apartments have a modern structure, and the finishes and materials are of the highest quality, from our reliable suppliers. The structures of the apartments are completed by finishes that can be chosen from the collections we make available to customers in various and modern textures and colors.

Our team takes into account your preferences and is with you to help you choose the perfect apartment for your needs and desires in which to spend the most beautiful moments and enjoy your whole life.

Great location:

  • Near Coresi Mall
  • Located in a low altitude area
  • Quiet area away from traffic


3-Room Apartments

Currently, the Tractorul area has become one of the most popular areas in Brașov for new homes, both by young families and by people who want to settle in the city.

The development plans of this area are also supported by the efforts of the local authorities, which develop the infrastructure, in accordance with the zonal, pro-European urban plan.

Payment methods

Payment in full

Benefit from the best purchase offer for your home.

Payment in 3 installments

If you do not have all the money at once, you can pay in installments.

Loan Prima Casă

One of the smallest advances in the real estate market.

Mortgage loan

We offer free financial consulting services!

Materials and Finishing

When it comes to your home there is no room for compromise.
The realization of the Casa Nobel apartments would not be possible without the contribution of the best manufacturers of materials and finishing: