LIOR by Casa Nobel

Positioned in the most developed and sought after area of Brașov, the Tractorul neighborhood , the residential complex Lior by Casa Nobel offers the possibility to choose the much desired apartment from one of the 3 types of apartments available: studio, 2-room apartment or 3-room apartment.

The residential complex is located on Str. Nicolae Labiș, no. 64 being composed of 5 buildings with height regime Basement + Ground floor + 8 Floors in which there are 346 apartments. The buildings in this project are structured on a single staircase, with 8 apartments on the ground floor, respectively 9 apartments / level for the upper floors and a total of 80 apartments in the building. The staircase is equipped with two Schindler elevators. In the basement of each building will be arranged storage boxes, bicycle spaces and ALA shelter.

The structure of each building is made of reinforced concrete frames and hollow ceramic and interior masonry. Thermal insulation with 10 cm basalt wool and 7-chamber Salamander PVC joinery and trypan glass will ensure increased thermal and sound comfort. Regarding the arrangement of the residential complex Lior by Casa Nobel , it will be surrounded by extensive green areas and two parks with a total area of 2,000 sqm with playgrounds for children and seating areas. There will also be parking spaces, pedestrian alleys and access roads.

By strategically positioning ourselves within the Tractorul neighborhood , compared to the points of urban interest, we set out to reduce the time spent in traffic and to offer easy access to the services and facilities necessary for a lifestyle as relaxed as possible (proximity to Coresi Mall, schools, kindergartens, hospitals and medical centers, fitness rooms, event rooms, parks).

We support our customers and we provide flexible ways to purchase: from the full payment or staggered in two, three or four installments to Prima Casă loan or mortgage loan.

The buildings will be connected to the existing public networks in the area for which the necessary approvals have been started and obtained and each apartment will be connected to utilities, with individual metering. The apartments in the residential complex Lior by Casa Nobel are very well thought out, we use only good quality construction materials, the finishes are carefully and carefully worked, and the houses are turnkey.

All you have to do is bring your new apartment to life by customizing it with furniture to your liking… and you will feel Home!


Studio Apartments

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2-Room Apartments


3-Room Apartments


Currently, the Tractorul area has become one of the most popular areas in Brașov for new homes, both by young families and by people who want to settle in the city.

The development plans of this area are also supported by the efforts of the local authorities, which develop the infrastructure, in accordance with the zonal, pro-European urban plan.

Payment methods

Payment in full

Benefit from the best purchase offer for your home.

Payment in 3 installments

If you do not have all the money at once, you can pay in installments.

Loan Prima Casă

One of the smallest advances in the real estate market.

Mortgage loan

We offer free financial consulting services!

Materials and Finishing

When it comes to your home there is no room for compromise.
The realization of the Casa Nobel apartments would not be possible without the contribution of the best manufacturers of materials and finishing: